The Mission

Restore a consumer electronics brand to its peak performance using our Amazon Full Service Management solution.


The Situation

Brand was generating high six figures in gross revenue from one main product, with low competition. A change in the market quickly and dramatically increased competition, resulting in a sharp decline in revenue at 79.13% over the course of a few months, all but halting business. The brand was relying on organic sales with practically no advertising. We knew we had to fix that.


What We Did

  • Update product listing with SEO rich content, higher resolution images, infographics, and product video.

  • Introduced an extensive advertising campaign to increase product visibility and revenue.

  • Launched additional products and set up sustainable advertising initiatives to shift the reliance of sales from one item to a more diversified source of revenue.



  • Grew business by 7.62% year over year profits with ad spend equaling only 9.65% of sales. Factoring in advertising cost, the business remained stable for the year with a projected loss of 36.18% in revenue expected before Cartology joined.

  • Took the organic product ranking from outside the Top 100 in category to an all-time high of #46 on average each month.

  • Took two different product lines to market in Q4, generating revenue equaling 3.3% of total sales.

  • In total, we helped the company generate a 51% profit margin after the Amazon, advertising, and agency fees.