Our Story



“I found my passion in serving others. Helping them create successful Amazon businesses is how I do it.”

Michael Maher | Founder & CEO


I’m Michael, owner and founder of Cartology.

I got started in e-commerce in 2010 as a means of blazing a new career path for myself, one that was full of opportunity and independence. I started as a seller on eBay and when my business eventually grew big enough, I left my full-time job to chase my entrepreneurial dreams. Soon after, I discovered Amazon and its increased potential for revenue, and I shifted my focus there.

In 2015, Amazon made changes that would have a major impact on the trajectory of the marketplace, as well as my business. I began to feel those changes hit hard in 2016 and I had a decision to make. I could completely overhaul my business to play by the new rules or I could put my knowledge to work in a different way. I took a step back to think.

When it became apparent to me that there was a considerable gap between the potential for revenue on Amazon and the know-how to make it happen, I sensed a huge opportunity. That’s when I started down the most challenging and exciting path on my journey: building brands on Amazon. And since, I’ve found my passion in serving others– helping them create successful Amazon businesses is how I do it.

I began building a solid base of clients with whom I formed valued and trusted relationships. I shared in their success and began to see visions of a bigger broader picture for my business. Before I knew it, demand grew beyond the capacity of my one-man operation. I began hiring, expanded my service offerings, and eventually, Cartology was born.