The Mission

Capture the market share for a supplement company looking to establish themselves on Amazon for the first time.


The Situation

The company had limited media assets and were selling products in categories that require approval and have strict requirements to gain entry. This presented some interesting challenges but here’s how we got the job done.


What We Did

  • Gathered appropriate documentation and requested category approval for the entire product catalog, a massive saving in time and effort.

  • Built out entire product catalog with new SEO-rich content and copy, media assets, images, and infographics.

  • Setup ad campaigns to capitalize on current brand equity from searches.

  • Created an aggressive advertising strategy to ramp up sales.

  • Created an on-brand Store Page and increased brand visibility through Sponsored Brand Ads to direct traffic to the Store Page.



  • Post-launch, the company saw a 93.61% month over month sales growth over the course of 6 months.

  • Within 30 days of Store Page launch, the page was generating 10.15% of total monthly sales.

  • Within 30 days, the company’s top supplement went from unranked to being #29,124 in the “Health & Household” category and #415 in the “Detox & Cleanse Weight Loss Products” category, both of which contain millions of products.